Friday, November 4, 2022

Early Black Friday 3x3 Beeswax Candles With Your Favorite Essential Oils Spices Your Autumn From Lasting Light Candles

Spice and enjoy at home or the office your Lasting Light Candles cinnamon, cedarwood or eucalyptus essential oil All-Natural Beeswax Candle.

You will get more natural aromatherapy with Lasting Light Candles beeswax candles, our 3x3 with your best essential scented oil.

Early Black Friday shopping has already begun so order your hand-made precious beeswax candle now.

Our Etsy store is expecting you. We'll see you there.

Have a blessed start to the weekend.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Best Fall Candles Is Lasting Light Candles







It's Fall 2022 with the Best Autumn Candles from Lasting Light Candles!


Is it time for the auburn scents of our cinnamon beeswax candles for your table?


Do you want the cleansing of our fresh fall air clary sage beeswax candles?


Is red your favorite color for fall? Then how about our cedarwood beeswax scented candles?


Eucalyptus is one of our best, it is definitely a cool day and evening scent.


The orange fragrance is always a Fall morning awaking.

 You should try our apple scented beeswax candles, its a fruity morning with honey and apple.

  Honey beeswax Autumn candles are always an awesome guarantee you will know Fall is here.

Come to my shop and order right now with our Early Black Friday specials happening all through out November 2022.